ShareFest 2014 is a 3 day showcase of Rochester's sharing economy! 

On day one (May 2), you can go to one of many events being held around the city, or organize your own! 

On day two (May 3) come by Washington Square Park where you can learn about Rochester's sharing economy and meet the people and organizations involved! If you really want to get into the sharing spirit, bring some gifts that you can give or barter with other people! Your gift can be anything from index cards with your favorite recipes, to cherry tomatoes you grew, to your ukulele playing, to hugs or high fives! Just keep it small enough to carry around, and be creative! If you just bring the gift of showing up, that’s okay too!

On day three (May 4) come to the ShareFest Conference, which takes place in the Kate Gleason Auditorium of the Central Library at 115 South Ave. It is a chance to meet the Rochesterians who are involved in the sharing economy, and working to help people spend less, create more, and share what they have! In true sharing economy style, the conference is a potluck, so bring something tasty! After eating, we will break into group discussions on a variety of sharing economy topics!

ShareFest is sponsored by RocShare and

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