Sharing Spotlight: Rochester Makerspace

In the sharing economy, we don’t throw something out if we can fix it, and we don’t buy something if we can make it. But what if you don’t have the resources, or the knowledge, to be a fixer and a maker? I know someone who can help! 

This is the first entry in a series of profiles we are doing here at RocShare of the people moving the sharing economy forward here in our lovely Rochester NY. First off is Rochester Makerspace!

(RocShare) Who are you?

(Rochester Makerspace) Wyatt McBain.

(RS) Cool name! What do you do?

(RM) I am an entrepreneur, a third-year Information Technology student at RIT, and I also serve for a nonprofit in the Rochester community.

(RS) What nonprofit is that?

(RM) My organization is the Rochester Makerspace.

(RS) And how do you describe the makerspace?

(RM) The Rochester Makerspace is a nonprofit community workshop and artist studio located near downtown Rochester, at 850 St. Paul st. We provide affordable access to a wide variety of tools and equipment, space, and resources to creators from diverse backgrounds. We also host a variety of classes in the fine and industrial arts.

(RS) How did it get started?

(RM) The organization was started by Rob Roll and myself last May after we met through his website, which he created with the intent of starting a Makerspace in Rochester. We held our first meetings in libraries in the area, and invited the public to come out and brainstorm ideas for the space. After seeing the incredible amount of support our idea had, we realized that the Makerspace was something that the community absolutely needed. Since those first meetings Rob, our dedicated group of volunteers, and I have been working tirelessly to provide the Rochester Makerspace to the community, which we’ve opened to the public this month.

(RS) Congratulations on your opening! What impact do you hope to have in Rochester?

(RM) Our goal is help foster an innovative culture in Rochester by creating an organization that supports creativity, learning, and sharing. By bringing our diverse group of makers together we expect to create unexpected connections, resulting in interesting collaborations and projects. We also expect to have an impact on the younger generations as well, by providing them with classes and space to get them to champion their creativity again.

(RS) Anything else you would like to say?

(RS) I’d like to invite everyone to visit our facility during our weekly Open House, which we hold every Thursday from 6-10pm. You don’t already need to be a maker to be a join, all anyone needs is a desire to learn. More information about our weekly open house,  facility, and classes can be found at our website:

(RS) How would you describe the Sharing Economy?

(RM)  I’d describe the sharing community as one that’s taking a step back from current cultural norm, while reevaluating what’s important for our communities and working for change. The sharing community actively searches for opportunities to share information and experience with one another, working to benefit all involved.

(RS) Who/What organization should I profile next?

(RM) Stephanie and Danielle over at The Rochester Brainery would certainly make a good profile, as well as the South Wedge Planning Committee.

And that’s it! Thanks to Rochester Makerspace and Wyatt! We’ve added Rochester Makerspace to our new list of resources at, and look out for a report on a visit to their space soon! If you want to beat us there, check out or visit them!

Phone: 1 (585) 210-3213
Address: 850 St. Paul St, Rochester NY, 14605