Sharing Spotlight: R Community Bikes

Creating healthy urban spaces is one of today’s greatest challenges, and the sharing movement loves challenges. So when you are dealing with the challenges of sustainable transportation, waste, and poverty, can you come up with a simple, scaleable, bottom up solution that acts on all three? Bill D’Anza did when he began fixing bikes at Saint Joseph’s House of Hospitality, an effort that has survived 11 years, and grown into R Community Bikes. I reached out to them and they provided me with some basic information about who they are and what they do.

(RocShare) Who are you?
(R Community Bikes) Shawn Wright
(RS) What do you do?
(RCB) I’m a Bike Collector slash Social Media Coordinator
(RS) For what organization?
(RCB) R Community Bikes
(RS) And what do you do at R Community Bikes?
(RCB) We recycle bikes; collecting, fixing, and distributing them to the transportation needy of Rochester.
(RS) That sounds great! How did it get started?
(RCB) With co-founder Bill D’Anza helping a guy fix his bike at a soup kitchen.
(RS) What impact do you hope to have in Rochester?
(RCB) Making Rochester a more bike friendly community and continuing to help people with their transportation needs.
(RS) Anything else you would like to say?  
(RCB) We keep a lot of old retired guys busy and off the streets (laugh).
(RS) And lastly, what do you think of the Sharing Economy?
(RCB) That giving back to the community affects all of us in a positive way that may never be quite measured correctly.

Thanks to Shawn for agreeing to talk with me!

R Community Bikes does great work, and they could use your help. They have given away thousands of  bikes in their lifetime, but their bike giveaways every Wednesday and Saturday at 9:30 still have to turn most people away.  They could always use more bike repair volunteers (they will teach you how), more bikes donated, and more money donated. They also sell bikes to raise money for their efforts. So if you are a fan of diverting bikes from landfills, enabling people to get to work, preventing childhood obesity, making Rochester more bike friendly, or neighbors helping each other, then get involved!

Phone: 1 (585) 234-2008
Address: 226 Hudson Avenue, Rochester, NY 14605