How to Participate in ShareFest '14: Day 1

How to Participate in Sharefest 2014: Day 1

We have had a lot of people asking about how they can participate in Sharefest; especially Day 1, the day of independently organized events. So here is a little guide we put together with links and ideas to help you!

We focus here on the two easiest kinds of events, potlucks and swaps, but if you want to share, remember there are lots of ways!

Also, you don’t have to organize your own event, you can just go to someone else’s! Some people are leaders who push toward new things, and others are supporters who join in and make those things a success. You can’t have one without the other!


The first step, the easiest step, is almost always a potluck. Familiar and widely understood, the potluck is about as far as most people have ventured into the sharing economy. Luckily, it’s a great entry point! Just invite a few friends to bring food to pass and see how much better a meal is when it is shared. If you are more ambitious, you can use the potluck to discuss how to foster sharing in your communityAnother variation of a potluck is a Stranger Dinner, which is a great way to meet new people.


More involved and with more possibilities than a potluck is a swap. And you can swap ANYTHING. You can swap food, extending on the idea of a potluck. Those with children can swap home-cooked meals and babyfood to save valuable parenting time. You can swap clothesswap media, or swap toysYou can swap everything

Other sharing events:

If you fit into any of these categories: arty, crafty, or green, you may want to try throwing an upcycling event! Or maybe you are more of the techie/maker type and you want to try a repair cafe! Or you are musical and you want to have a jam session? If you are concerned with social justice, you may want to create a Street Store! Or if you just want to share any way you can, you can create a Gift Circle!

For Business Owners

If you are selling something, you can participate in Sharefest by trying out some alternative methods of exchange. You can try accepting bartered goods or services for your products. Or, if you are stuck on money, you can try using a pay-what-you-want system like some cafes have taken to doing. Or you can use the simple and financially safe sharing system of “suspending” goods as in Suspended Coffee!

The goal is to find what you have to share and to share it. We promise if you do, you will have a great experience.

And when you know what you want to do, tell us about it using this surveyWe can be reached on FacebookTwitter, on Tumblr, or by email!