Sharefest Rochester 2014

We were invited by an organization called Shareable to host an event called ShareFest in Rochester. The idea of a ShareFest is to introduce people to the sharing economy resources around them, and to introduce people, organizations, and nonprofits involved in the sharing economy to each other.
(more about that here

We would love for the ShareFest to be a three day event.

Day one would be decentralized, with bike tours of community gardens or little free libraries, organizations having open houses, and potlucks and swaps all over the city.

Day two would be a forward-facing event, a street festival where organizations could have tables, and where there would be activities and maybe public talks.

Day three would be a small conference with the movers and shakers of the local sharing economy, with roundtable discussions and networking.

We want this event to take place in mid-May, but we can't make this event happen on our own. We need your help! You can tell us about your interest at this link:

And follow us on your social media of choice to find out where the interest/planning meetings are!