TEDxTalk: Love and the New Economy

Our founder and director recently had the opportunity to share at TEDx Flour City 2014. We were very excited to be able to speak directly to Rochester's invested community members, as well as the TED community. Andre's talk is now available online for convenient viewing! Shareable.net also wrote an article about Andre's talk; in it Cat Johnson says:

Primus sees the sharing economy as a way to increase the quality of life for people, regardless of income, through bikesharing and carsharing, farmshares, coworking, community gardens, intentional communities and more. In his TEDx talk, he points out that through sharing books, clothing, knowledge and more we can forge communities.
Primus has an enthusiasm for creating positive change that's contagious. Mira Luna, Shareable’s organizing director, says when she met him and learned that he wanted to quit his job and be a full-time organizer for the sharing economy in Rochester, she was struck by his passion and potential.
“I realized we really need to support people like Andre who have so much passion, determination and talent to help solve the world's problems,” she says, “and keep them from being herded into meaningless jobs at best. Our small part in that was to make Andre a Sharing Cities Fellow.”

Shareable.net interviewed Andre about the ideas that he expressed in his talk, as well as about his experience being part of Shareable's Sharing Cities Network. When asked to elaborate on his ideas about how generosity is an important piece of the sharing economy, Andre says,

When you live in a culture of generosity, you know that you can rely on the generosity of others. That knowledge allows you to feel free to take the financial risk of giving extravagantly because you know your community will be there for you. But most of us live in a culture of self-focus and prideful independence. If you want to change the culture, you need to take the risk of practicing what you preach, of taking the leap that inspires your community to build the safety net.

Andre also talks about his hopes for Rochester and the sharing economy, saying,

My big picture vision is that most people will have most of their needs met by their community in an ecologically and socially sustainable way, and that sharing will become a cultural norm rather than being a government program or a business model.

You can read more about RocShare's director here.