Intro: Sharing Challenge Series!

RocShare recently began a Meetup group, which meets once a month to discuss Rochester's sharing economy and how you can become more involved in it! You can find out more about these by checking out the Calendar section of our Events tab, or by following us on Social Media.

This is a casual opportunity to meet others who are interested or involved in Rochester's sharing economy, and to explore ways that we can encourage each other and our sharing city to flourish.

This month featured our second annual MAP JAM, where we joined many other cities worldwide in #MapJam 2014, which was put on by the Sharing Cities Network. This month also kickstarted our Sharing Challenge Series. At RocShare, we have been planning the start of this series for months and are excited that it is finally here!

This month's challenge is ridesharing!

Feel free to join us, and let us know in the comments how you participated, and how your sharing experience impacted your communities.