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LOTS OF FOOD: We Are Nature, Working: Lessons from Ecology for Social Structure Design

  • The Assisi Institute 1400 North Winton Rd N Rochester, NY, 14609 United States (map)

Evening talk & discussion with Dave Jacke and Patty Love

Nature operates based on a set of foundational laws and principles by which all systems must abide, or they fail. The principles underlying the social structures of natural ecosystems can teach us much about organizing human societies. We can design systems that minimize stress and competition, and maximize cooperation, harmony, productivity, and diversity, while allowing each community member to remain true to their intrinsic nature. Social and economic justice and cooperation are actually more Darwinian than most people think! This evening workshop will begin by getting into some ecological nitty gritty. We’ll then explore together how the design of Rochester’s public food forest project, Lots of Food, a program of Seeking Common Ground, Inc., embodies ecological principles and how it might more fully express them.

To register or for more information: call Patty Love at (585) 506.6505
Email or visit:

$5-40 suggested contribution, no one will be turned away for lack funds.

Pay online, pay at the door or mail a payment to:
ATTN: Patty Love
Lots of Food
PO Box 18212
Rochester, NY 14618

Dave’s Bio: A student of ecology and design since the 1970s, Dave Jacke has designed gardens, homes, farms, and communities throughout the U.S. and overseas since 1984. The primary author of the award winning two-volume book Edible Forest Garden (, he holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Simon’s Rock College and a M.A. in Landscape Design from the Conway School of Landscape Design. In his teaching and his design work, Dave has always explored the interrelationships between people and land as interpenetrating whole systems, grounding his vision and theory in practical and concrete reality as much as possible.

Patty’s bio: Patty is a permaculture designer, teacher, and emerging author based in the Genesee River Valley (Rochester, NY). She studies and practices regenerative and resilient design, permaculture, and edible forest gardening. Her work is informed from her education, reading, time in nature, parenting, and spiritual pursuits. She holds two Permaculture Design Certificates in addition to traditional BS and MALS Degrees. In addition to her business, Barefoot Edible Landscape and Permaculture, patty is the Program Director for Rochester Permaculture Center and Lots of Food, programs of See(k)ing Common Ground, Inc.