What is a ShareFest?

ShareFest is an event that has taken place all over the world, where a city comes together and shares their goods, resources, knowledge and talents. Here are some examples from Oakland, Ann Arbor, Louisville, and Rochester!

Rochester’s ShareFest 2015 will begin on July 13 and come to a close on July 19. Throughout the week of July 13th-17th there will be many events being held around the city, and new economic models at local businesses. On July 18th there will be a FreeMarket where you can share whatever you have and enjoy what other have to give. On July 19th there will be a Sharing Summit Potluck where you can meet the Rochesterians who are involved in the new economy and working to help people spend less, create more, and share what they have!

How can I participate?

Come to an event! We will add them to our calendar as they are planned!

Organize an event! Anyone can organize an event! You could host a potluck or a stranger dinner, have a swap for food like home-cooked meals and babyfood, or swap clothes media, toysseedsanything! If you fit into any of these categories: arty, crafty, or green, you may want to try throwing an upcycling event! Or maybe you are more of the techie/maker type and you want to try a repair cafe! If you are concerned with social justice, you may want to create a Street Store! Or if you just want to share any way you can, you can create a Gift Circle! If you are an artist or a musician, you can organize a free show to share your work,  a lesson to teach others your art, or have a jam session! If you own a business, you can take advantage of the week to try out new economic models! You could try selling “suspended” items to let your customers pay it forward, like this pizza shop, or these cafes. You could also let your customers set their own price, like these cafes in Denver or Leeds. Whatever you do, just find a time July 13th-17th and invite people! If you want it to be a public event, or if you have any questions, let us know and we will add you to the list of events. Find a way to share what you have!

Participate in the FreeMarket! In the spirit of a potluck or a "Really Really Free Market" and looking like a cross between a free garage sale and a party, the FreeMarket is a place to give, get, teach, learn, and play. Anyone can bring used goods and have them sorted and given away, or can bring their knowledge and creativity to contribute! 

We will be collecting things like books, household goods, and clothes at 62 N Union Monday-Friday July 13th-17th, and giving them away 9am-5pm at that location on Saturday the 18th! 

M 7/13 and T 7/14  1-4 PM
W 7/15, TH 7/16, and F 7/17 1-6 PM

But you don’t just have to share stuff. You could play your guitar, teach people to knit, create a collaborative painting, or something else we haven't thought of! In the past we have had everything from free massages to a hug deli, so be creative with your sharing! If you have something you want to share, just let us know!

Come to the Sharing Summit PotluckAt 5:00pm on Sunday the 19th we will be having a potluck at the Little Flower Community to celebrate Rochester’s growing alternative economy and discuss how we can help it grow!

Volunteer! We are going to need organizers, photographers, videographers, journalists, publicists, marketers, reporters, translators, graphic designers, video editors, copywriters, childcare-ers, volunteer-coordinators, cooks, donation-sorters, poster-sticker-uppers, friendly faces, question-answerers, heavy-thing-carriers, and generally-helpful-people. And if you are not on this list, we could probably use your skills anyway! If you you are interested in helping, just let us know!

Be Inspired! Remember there are lots of ways to share, give it a try and watch what happens!