RocShare is an organization that serves to help encourage the growth of alternative economies in Rochester, New York. We help to connect people, businesses and community groups to promote and participate with each other in making Rochester a sharing town. We also organize some events ourselves, as a way of instigating and advertising the adoption of sharing systems.

Ways we can help you:

  • We can connect you with other people or groups in the area who are part of the sharing economy.
  • We can help you set up sharing events in your community.
  • We can advertise your events or groups to our network of communities.

Ways you can help us:

  • Come participate in our events! The more the better.
  • If you are already engaged in the sharing economy, tell us about it! We would love to learn from you, and to add you to our list of sharing resources in Rochester.
  • If you want to help us organize an event, just contact us and we will get you involved!

You can get in contact with us at, or sign up to be part of our Action Squad if you are the volunteering type!